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Serve over mixed greens.

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There is no system of economics that will account for every individuals need. Given identical resources to different groups of people will result in drastically different outcomes. That's a justified response. However, Hellman's vegan mayo is the only one my omni parents are willing to replace regular mayo with. After looking at it more, I kinda thought.. They can't be that dumb can they? Perhaps someone removed this coupon from another Hellmann's product and stuck it to these as a "joke.

Plus it seems they made sure to have the word Vegan displayed. Usually those sticker coupons are stuck on in a way it usually covers information on the label. It actually lists what products are eligible and vegan 24oz is on there. So technically on the wrong product, because it's too small. It's actually pretty smart.

They know the buyers won't use the coupons, it's in the brand's interest. They aren't trying to convince vegans to try their vegan mayo, but they are trying to convince omnivores to try it. It makes sense economically, since only those omnivores will redeem the coupon, costing the company less. I've been wondering which is the best vegan mayo or what recipe would be closest to the real thing? I haven't tried it and am also curious but Vegenaise is just as good if not better than mayo in my opinion.

Hellman’s Mayonnaise Printable Coupons

I love veganaise, our local shop just started to get it in as well as follow your heart cheese shreds. It's a huge deal because prior to this it hasn't had anything but some tinned vegan options and really gross vegetarian sausages. I think I prefer the taste to regular mayo, it's just awesome I eat it with chips as well as normal mayo stuff, delish: My girlfriend and I now have a grocery store that stocks it. So before when we'd save it for something special, now we just use it on everything. I love this stuff, mix it with Sriracha and garlic, and eat it with sweet potato fries.

Also creamy dill dips. It tastes really similar to regular Hellman's Mayo. My favorite personally is Follow Your Heart's Vegannaise, which has a little more acidity that I love. It's not only the best vegan mayo I've had, it's the best mayo I've ever had, period. But that's just me.

You mean they're geniuses, since vegans are a captive audience and will buy the product regardless of whether or not there's a dollar coupon for meat, but meat-eaters and band-wagoners will buy the product since they get a dollar off meat. This has probably happened in house, but it's actually a good tactic, and I think it's deliberate. It's marketing a niche consumer product toward shoppers as a whole.

It makes the product more viable, as opposed to rotting on the shelf. It's great for them. This tactic attempts to cut into the margins of smaller, artisan companies who cater only to the niche, and are possibly more expensive. It's also is expanding brand loyalty toward fringe consumers who may feel left out, while reassuring their target buyers that the brand is evolving, cares, and isn't oblivious to market demand. I mean, I absolutely love Just Mayo Safe for me, great taste, etc.

I didn't even know the Hellmann's had vegan mayo, so maybe they're actually really smart.

Hellmanns Coupons, Printable Deals - February

The coupon would beep at the register regardless of what you choose so it would be up to the cashier to determine whether the meat you're getting qualifies. As long as you're getting the mayo product that the coupon specifies, the store will get paid so the store has little room to argue against the meat substitute unless the coupon specifies otherwise but some still will.

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They tried to sue Hampton Creek over the definition of "mayo". Give the meat money to vegans they wont buy it anyway. This will be buried but could the promotion be to try to sell vegan mayo to meat eaters, not sell meat to vegans. Suck it up and give Hellmann's the middle finger, not your money. Vegan mayo is also very quick and easy to make at home: Here's a 1 minute video recipe incorporating 50 ml chilled! Alpro soy milk, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and ml rapeseed oil.

To season the mayo, use salt, pepper, mustard or vinegar. If you want an egg-y taste, use Kala Namak salt. The one tricky thing about the recipe is that you have to use a plant milk that works. Not every single one gets it to stiffen. Soy is your best bet, but different brands may work differently. You should be able to get Alpro in the states, if you're based there, but it's not a huge investment to find out which one works in your area.

If it should not work for you, try putting in the oil little by little, while you use the blender to stir things up. This got it to work for me even with sub-optimal plant milk. Does anyone know of any accessible vegan mayos in supermarkets like Asda or Tesco?? I heard Asda did one but I can never seem to find it. Just for the record after dating a vegetarian for a decade sorry guys in still a carnivore I actually prefer veganaise over mayo.

Until recently this product was called "Carefully Crafted" with little no to mention if it being Vegan on the label. They changed the name because consumers had no idea what that meant and what was different from regular Hellman's mayo. So no, they're not good at marketing. Just mayo is tough to find in Canada in my experience. Hellman's stocks this stuff in most grocery stores. Anyone else think this stuff is a load of garbage? Would it kill them to put some black salt and mustard powder in their recipe? I just saw the new vegan hellmann's next to the other vegan hellmann's that doesn't say vegan on the front and has a slightly different price.

I live in a fairly small city so we don't have many places at all that try to be strictly vegan or vegitarian for that matter. One little coffee shop only serves vegan food. It's usually really good, expensive but good. I go in and get this chocolate cranberry loaf, server is bragging hard about how it's vegan and made in house. When they bring it over they have 2 butter packs on it. I'm not vegan myself but even I see how backwards that is. On a slightly related note, that vegan Hellmann's is pretty damn good, tastes a lot like I remember Hellmann's mayo tasting.

The person stocking the shelves just threw that coupon on every jar. Maybe a non-vegan would be thrilled to see this though; in the sense that they would be more willing to try a vegan product and also not be restricted from their regular purchases. Essentially, "if you buy this vegan product, you get to save on meat too. You say their marketing department isn't too smart but this post with their brand facing out has over upvotes While they say that any publicity is good publicity, a lot of people are disparaging Hellman's.

Personally, after hearing about their lawsuit, I want nothing to do with the company, so I'd say the astroturfing isn't working too well. This is assuming a vegan would never buy meat. People shop for other people. It's not a zero probability. Sorry you are getting downvoted without an explanation for why.

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A lot of vegans who do it for ethics over dietary needs refuse to buy animal products for other people based on principal. It used to be a problem with an ex-roommate of mine who always offered to do the grocery shopping but either didn't buy things I listed or bought vegan alternatives instead of what I listed. They just don't consume it themselves. Half of this subreddit is people showing off and reviewing various vegan products. You'll get bored fast lol. I am unaware, I'll have to look that up. I've also never tried Just Mayo, I don't think we get it up here in Canada. Here's another way to save one dollar on meat.

Find meat to the value of one dollar and don't buy it. Obviously, I had a hearty chuckle at this. But could they be aiming strictly for the lactose intolerant crowd with that coupon?

Hellman’s Mayonnaise Printable Coupons

Omg, Hellman's is the best mayo from my pre-vegan days! I didn't know they made a veganaise, hallelujah. First hellmans tried to put them out of business saying you can't make real mayo without eggs, then after losing in court they made their own copycat version. Actually just bought a jar of Just Mayo a few hours ago, what a coincidence! Maybe someone lives with a vegan but they themselves aren't vegan? It'd be useful to them.

Like my mum would buy me vegan mayo but use the meat coupon too. I wish I used mayo more. I have been using mine past the "Best if Used By" date for mug cakes. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new post. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Civil discussion is welcome, trolls and personal abuse are not. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Want to add to the discussion? Then this is the deal for you. I liked referring to it by its full and complete name. There's no dairy in mayonnaise. It's not exactly meat. Vegan mayo and Margarine are a godsend. Right product, wrong size. I mentioned that earlier. It just seems so incredibly tone deaf. Unless your regular mayo is high quality, you aren't going to be able to tell a difference.

No difference except the vegan stuff is cholesterol-free. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. He hasn't tried that one yet. What happens when UBI is introduced and prices go up? That could be a reality, but most likely prices will be dictated same as it is now. If UBI was to be set right now, it would be dependent on where you live. Maybe they are that dumb though. At least they have a vegan option on the coupon!

It's okay , but Just Mayo is worlds better. Vegenaise is by far my favorite tho. Maybe OP is even the Hellman's marketer themselves, using the old self deprecation tactic. I will never purchase any of their products after what they did to Hampton Creek.

New Coupons and a Recipe for Hellman’s

The only Mayonnaise I will buy is Just Mayo. I didnt know helmans started makin vegan mayo. Can't do regular mayo anymore. Have you tried Just Mayo? Is it just an American thing? Read the coupon - it belongs on the vegan mayo, just a larger size. Cheaper, and better tasting as well. And yes, I have a coupon!

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  • This mayo is clearly only for people with egg allergies. I would have taken a picture too. Supermarkets make the best screw-ups. The beef industry striking back in all honesty.