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Sure, there are advantages to human boyfriends. They can reach high shelves, laugh at your jokes, refill your wine glass. But the best relationship I have right now is with a different member of my household.

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It sucks up dust. It sucks up crumbs. It sucks up strewn kitty litter and tiny bits of Cheerios left over from breakfasts eaten long ago. Every day at the appointed time, my darling Roomba self-motivates, does its task, then quietly returns to its dock. It is my best friend, my support system, my love. It senses my needs and happily fulfills them.

Right now, the iRobot Roomba is on sale at a crazy discount thank you, Home Depot. Not only will this machine change your life, it may change your outlook on the world. And if your family unit experiences any ongoing tension about keeping the house clean Hello? Because when your floors are maintained, everything else feels a lot easier to handle.

That means you come home to clean floors every single day. Skip to main content Search.

Pickman Sour Home Chicago. I have 2 dogs, a cat and a kid. This means that at least one of my days off every week is devoted to cleaning. Obviously part of that process is vacuuming. I've frequently looked at Roombas, but always decided that it probably wasn't for me. I doubted the robot's ability to properly vacuum and wasn't willing to gamble a few hundred bucks to let it try to prove me wrong.

When this Roomba showed up on the Vine, I couldn't pass it up.

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Setup is pretty easy. Plug the home base into an outlet wherever you want it, place the I must say that both robots pick up a lot of dust and dog hair, as I have two pups who shed quite a bit. I believe the iRobot does a slightly better job than the Neato, but is also more costly. The also has an Android and Apple app which makes scheduling cleaning times a bit simpler. My first go at trying to use the app by connecting through WiFi failed, but succeeded on the second attempt. It did make scheduling which day and what time you wanted the robot to clean easier and Only 3 left in stock - order soon.

Ok, so it's now day 4 of our Roomba, and I'm going to say I was both horrified by the amount of dog hair the roomba was able to find, and also impress that it found that much dog hair! The husband and I are pretty cavalier about where I have five, yup FIVE, dogs and a cat. Roomba is totally up to the job!! I just push the start button and go on my way with whatever else I have to do. It cleans like a dream!!

It easily navigates from one surface to another, including my throw rugs, with very little slowing it down.

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It will occasionally find itself in a tight situation, but it's smart enough to navigate its own way out!! AND I don't have to worry My home has been cleaned by robots for a while this is my third Roomba , so I am familiar with their needs. They cut down on cleaning considerably. I'll go into that a little more later. I want to point out a few things about this particular Roomba for people considering an upgrade first.

Black Carpet Still a No Go: The cliff sensors are exactly the same as the older Roombas. You can modify them easily, but how hard can it be to fix that? My carpet pictured is geometric and I have had to modify ever single Roomba. The covers usually pop off or get pushed after a month and you have to fiddle with it. As smart as this Roomba is, there should be an option to completely disable the cliff sensors. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. I was very skeptical about this Roomba for years, but got some money for my birthday and decided to see if it was everything it was hyped about.

So, I was constantly pulling out the Dyson Animal to get rid of the dog hair. Since getting the Roomba, everything has changed! I joked with my sister, that my "life has changed"! It is hyperbole, but it's actually true. I turn on the Roomba and it just goes and cleans And when the battery gets low, it re-docks itself to the base, so it can recharge..

You can schedule it to start whenever you want, so it'll Alright here is the deal, I'm 26 years old. Always on the go and when I'm having a lazy day at home, the last thing I want to do is vacuum my apartment.

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He sheds pounds of hair. I'm talking tumble weed tuffs of hair rolling across the kitchen from time to time. I ordered this Roomba for the geek factor who doesn't want a robot vacuum? I was amazed after the first few days of having it. My home smelled clean. The air didn't feel as thick as it usually does. The pet hair, GONE. I've had my roomba for a month now and it runs daily, I'm a faithful believer in this model. Here are somethings I learned along the We just got our [[ASIN: It was simple to setup and charged in about two hours.