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The service we received was great. Only complaint that when I left the facility, I was cut off at the main gate by your driver returning from the airport, entering the exit gate. I know that this is your way of doing things there, but I should not have been cut off by him. He clearly didn't care who had the right of way and acted as if I was not a customer. I should have complained right then and there but It was raining and I was already annoyed. Very convenient and efficient. Very friendly and helpful, both your gate attendants and drivers.

Parking like this was a new experience for us and we mistakenly pulled in to the lot across the street.

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We held up our payment voucher and the attendant just waived us through without looking at it. One of their shuttle buses drove past as I was getting out of my vehicle, so I called ph on the voucher an got your attendant, who let me know I must be in the wrong lot. Of course there was no way I was going to pay and one of their other attendants quickly let us pass.

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When we got to your lot your attendant knew it was us who called him. He was quite pleasant, however my wife felt the need to vent about what happened. Your Attendant politely listened and was empathic, acknowledging the unprofessional treatment from the other lot.

This listening ear put my wife in a better mood. This was also a reflection of the quality your employees. Two very happy costomers. We left an important file on your shuttle when we went to the airport. We called in a panic to find it. The staff located it and returned it in a timely manner. We were so pleased!

We had babies and small children whining and tired. That was not pleasant. The lot was full. So glad we made a reservation! Staff upgraded us to valet parking. Very good experience! Due to the holiday weekend you had cars parked behind mine, no big deal you were busy and I would rather see extra cars then have people inconvenienced. Well the car behind mine was DEAD!! The girl who picked me up jumped in it and then threw it in neutral, pushed it back just enough to get my car out! Well done! All was with a smile on her face! She also was waiting for me when I got off the plane and knew my name.

Great experience.

Staff were helpful and friendly. Shuttle pick-up was super fast. Thanks for watching my car! The address of Airpark in Oakland was not clearly visible, especially at night. I mistakenly went across the street and parked at Park N Fly. I had paid in advance at ParkRideFlyusa. Otherwise, everything else was fine.

I was very pleased. Excellent service, I would use your service again and tell my friends about your service.

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Night before I was to leave, I was hunting around for parking. My usual company had closed, and I wanted something close to the airport. Your web site was the ONLY one that would let me make a last-minute reservation. That peace of mind was priceless. Bonus was the quick shuttle to and from OAK, and a quick checkout at the finish. Thank you!! I didn't use your services.

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We parked across the street. Your names are too similar and we were in a hurry. We will contact your customer service. Sincerely, Nina Gay Coon. The driver who picked us up was warm and friendly. I appreciated his call to your facility with our parking number.

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Our car was ready when we arrived. Thank you again! Thank you Wendi!!! Everything worked smoothly! Excellent service and a fair price. My car was safe. Keep me posted in the future! Great service! I will use it again, it works for me. Especially liked the classical music playing in the van. My family took the airport shuttle to the airport while I took mr car to your lot. Very easy and the shuttle was waiting for me when I locked my car. Upon return, the shuttle was waiting and the driver was very helpful in confirming that I was on the right one.

Picked up the car and went out of yhe lot without any issues. I mentioned to the attendant that this experience was very easy and will provide a great survey response. The whole experience wa oustanding and if I fly out of Oakland again, I will certainly use your company again. I arranged for a second car to park but wa picked up two days earlier and they experienced the ease in which to pick up the car too. Plus my son was in the car and obtained his military discount for being part of the US Coast Guard Reserves. Thank you very much to all of the staff!

Politely directed to a parking spot and the bus was right behind me. The driver took my bag and helped me onto the bus. Pleasant experience. I am pleased with the service. My car was safe and the people were friendly. I returned at night and the lot was well lit. I really appreciate that as I was traveling alone. I did not need help with my luggage, so that is not a reflection on the person working. I will recommend the lot to others and will use it again should the need arise in the future.

Thanks for providing safe parking at a reasonable price!! We returned from our trip late and very tired to find our vehicle was blocked in. The van driver called 3 times to get the vehicle moved and then stopped at the gate to tell them to move the vehicle. The attendent came out and found the vehicle locked, went back for keys and brought the wrong ones, on the third try he found the right keys. Then he drove the vehicle out a short way which was not enough for us to get out, moved it a second time and still not enough.

After yelling at him, he finally moved it far enough for us to get out and then he said we had no reason to be so mad. It then took him a long time to process our prepaid reservation to let us out. It took almost 20 minutes to get out once we arrived at the lot. This is our first time to use park and fly in Oakland and glad that we did. It is very convenient and price is reasonable. We will definitely use your company again in our next rip. This was my first time using Park and Ride and I was very impressed with the great customer service as well as a clean, fast shuttle.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful which went far with me. I will definitely use this company again for future trips and pass on recommendations. Great and convenient. Close to the airport. Staff in the shuttle were helpful. You've made parking at the airport a reasonable and painless option.

I'm especially grateful for the frequency of shuttles. One less thing to worry about makes for a happy traveler! Actually, I was not asked if I had a reservation upon arrival or exiting and cam e to find out I was charged twice! I was charged in full when I made the reservation and then upon exiting the lot. I am partly to blame since I didn't show my reservation.

Both coming and going we were in such a hurry and tired. Any cahnce I could get a credit? We've used you before and would use you again. Please see if a credit back is possible or perhaps a voucher good for the next time? Thank you Julie Ritzman. I was very pleasantly surprised by the service and assistance of the staff at the lot and the drivers in the shuttle. They made my trip arrival and departure so much easier and pleasant. Good job! I used my Garmin for the heck of it, and when I was readi-ing to turn left, my Garmin said "arriving on right".

I pulled out my reservation and your greeter assured me I was in the right place and got me where I needed to go. All of your employees were very responsive and helpful. I guess I have two choices from now on. Thank you Now which one is a better value? The only problem we encountered, both this time and our last time use, was that the scan of the barcode was not accepted and we needed to seek help from staff at the site to leave the premises and not pay any more cost.

Staff was helpful and they commented that this has happened to other customers. Something due to with the "size" of the barcode recieved in the printed document generated from our transaction. Your parking spaces seem quite narrow, making it easy for adjoining cars to leave scratches. Select Pick-Up Time: Name required: Email required: During peak periods and holidays valet parking may be required at no extra charge.

Even without making a reservation beforehand, I was able to roll up and park here without much trouble. When I arrived back in Oakland, the driver was waiting for everyone exactly where we were dropped off in Terminal 2. Even better, he promptly departed back to AirPark after we took our seats even though there were only a few passengers on board. Welcome to AirPark Oakland! Enjoy stress-free parking for you and your car. I travel and use shuttle service a lot and by far No complaints at ALL!

Oakland airpark T Oakland Discounts Portland Discounts. Shuttle drop-off and pick-up is located across the street from baggage claim. The facility at Hegenberger Road is barely 2 miles away from the airport. With low parking rates, the lot offers quick and efficient service. This is mainly due to the highly streamlined self-service feature on offer. Thanks to this system, you can be in and out of the facility in under 15 minutes. Most customers use this lot again and again due to easy access from the freeway and its efficient service. Save Time It's easy to compare parking at all major airports.

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